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Schulenburg Area Food Pantry

Schulenburg KC #2902 members presenting a $500 donation was truly impressed with the Schulenburg Area Food Pantry’s facility (organization, food supply for recipients).  Mr. Jack Niesner - board member, Mr. & Mrs. Ken Berger volunteers shared that monetary donations go a long way.

The goods provided to families has a average cost 19.2 cents per pound.  Therefore a simple donation of $20 provides 100 lbs of food to recipients.
If you find it in your heart to donate or even volunteer, please go to:   www.schulenburgfoodpantry.com/contact-us  and also like them on facebook:  Schulenburg Area Food Pantry
We are truly a blessed community to have a organization that assists those in need!
The Schulenburg KC’s gave a 2nd $500 donation during the COVID-19 pandemic to help those in need.   Pictured:  Allen Chachere and Keith Goodall – Food Pantry Volunteers, Ken Berger KC member and Pantry Volunteer, Annie McCullough, Pantry Volunteer and Jack Niesner SAFP Board Member and Pantry Volunteer.